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Panama may be small, but it’s got plenty to do. 


Panama City alone has just about every activity you can imagine, from a national park to historic structures to several restaurants and performances. The museums and other cultural offerings make this an intriguing city to visit & very family friendly too. Among the city’s best attractions is the world-famous Panama Canal. 


The Pollera is the product of an anonymous art that grew and was developed in the warmth of our countryside homes, in the midst of our pure feminine crafts.


The Panamanian authorities capture fingerprints from people entering the country as tourists. When they appear before SNM officials, the agents check whether they were previously registered. If not, they are fingerprinted, photographed, and their passport is digitized and saved in the same record. In certain cases, an iris scan of their eyes is taken.

Panama´s Painted Hat - Not as famous as its Ecuadorian cousins, Panama´s own straw hat are growing in reputation. Worn by men & women, both as everyday work attire and luxury accessory. For a high quality Sombrero Pintado or Pintao the finest fibers are culled from Bellota alongside coarser junco fibers, naturally dyes by being  boiled  with chisná leaves and buried in earth  for several days, to form  the distinctive black rings, while threads of sisal (pita) are used to stitch everything together.