Terms of service

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using R&E TRANSFER PANAMA services. All our shuttle services are conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all users and others who access or use our shuttle services. By using R&E TRANSFER PANAMA services you agree to be attached by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access R&E TRANSFER PANAMA services.


R&E TRANSFER PANAMA strives to deliver the best possible customer experience. If at any point you have a question or concern about our service, please contact us at: services@retransferpanama.com  




The Driver:

  • Before and after each trip, the driver is responsible for thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting his unit, with high quality products.

  • Mandatory wear his mask during the trip. It is forbidden to remove your mask when traveling with other passengers for your own safety.



The Customer:

  • Mandatory to wear your own personal mask (environmental awareness). If you do not carry one, a disposable one will be provided.

  • Hands will be sanitized before boarding.

  • Your temperature will be checked, boarding will be denied if you register a body temperature of 38°C/100.4 F or higher.


Vehicle and Luggage:

  • Each unit must contain hand sanitizer.

  • Emergency masks.

  • Disinfectant



Covid-19 Test:

  • The Panamanian Authorities are performing random test to passengers at the airport and this can delay up to 1 hour more your process. If customer is selected inside the airport, please contact us +507 6253 8109. The bus will not be able to wait due to other customers bookings, but customer can take the next bus available.

       Bus departure time: 8:00 /10:30/ 13:00 / 15:30 / 18:30 / 21:30





For tourists traveling from the USA: US Embassy in Panama provides details for tourists at: https://pa.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/

For tourists traveling from the rest of the world: https://www.visitpanama.com/information/travel-guidelines/





Reservations for transportation to and from the airport are valid only for date specified.

  • For arrival ticket are valid for 24h the same day, if customer miss the pickup time, she/he selected, the customer will have to wait for next departure from Tocumen Airport and contact us at +507 6253-8109. Buses depart as below table from the airport. THIS ONLY APPLY TO TOCUMEN TO CITY HOTEL ROUTES. THIS WILL NOT APPLY TO LONGER ROUTES. 


Bus departure time: 8:00 /10:30/ 13:00 / 15:30 / 18:30 / 21:30


R&E Transfer Panama is not responsible for unused reservation or costs incurred as a result of customer error.

It is the customer’s responsibility to be ready and waiting to depart outside of the pickup location at the beginning of the 15-minute window and remain for the full designated 15-minute pickup window.

Pick up times might vary depending on your location, for example: if a shuttle leaves at 08:00am this means that the boarding process will start 30 minutes before the departure time.

Some routes might require third party companies, but we ensure that will not affect the service quality and safety that R&E Transfer Panama offers.


For airport departures, in case of a small delay we can provide a 15-minute window, however the client must contact us through email or phone 30 minutes before the departure requesting the extra time. After that time, we are unable to wait.

R&E Transfer Panama does not allow animals, bicycles, Surfboard, kayaks, or weapons inside our shared shuttles.


For all services offered, the customer must include the “Day of Travel” phone number in the event the Operator calls for assistance during the pickup process. Operators are not required to call this phone number in advance of the pickup, however. Failure to provide a contact number for the day of travel may prevent our ability to provide service and result in possible forfeiture of fare. Customer may also receive additional notification calls to the designated contact number announcing reservation details in advance of the pickup.





Any cancellation must be made 24 hours before the tour or departure day, otherwise no refund applied. All cancellation requests must be done in writing.

Maximum waiting time at pick up is 10 minutes for hotels and 15 minutes for airports (passed that time will be considered no show and no refund applied).

No show up, no refund applied (in case of emergency medical report must be shown, to consider any last-minute change but no refund applied).


If you board a shuttle that does not belong to our company by mistake or by decision, no refund will be applied.

In case of any complaint, it must be provided with not more that 2 days after the service, in order to study the case, if the case is severe enough the reimbursement will be applied.

Credit card refunds might take up to 15 business days due to bank approval depending on partner selected when booking our services.





Each passenger is allotted the following on board the Operator vehicle:

1 checked luggage pieces, such as standard suitcases and large duffel bags weighing 50 pounds or less and 1 carry-on items, such as purses, laptop cases, briefcases, small suitcases, and backpacks.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure any belongings kept with customer in the main seating compartment of the vehicle are securely packed and fastened, and that any breakable items are protected while using the Operator’s transportation service.


Passengers are responsible for their own luggage and any items placed by themselves or the Operator in the vehicle.


R&E Transfer Panama will not assume liability in the event of damage, loss or theft of any such property and will not be responsible for losses incurred, including but not limited to, loss of future profit, potential income, and additional expenses or losses incurred as a result of lost or stolen baggage or personal property.


R&E Transfer Panama is not liable for lost items left behind in the vehicle by a customer. However, Operators do want to help customers reunite with lost items whenever possible. If an item is lost, the customer immediately contacts the R&E Transfer Panama. Returning left behind or found items may incur delivery and/or shipping charges to the recipient.



Customers must wear safety belts while inside the vehicle, but it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the seatbelt is securely fastened, as required by law.




Traveling with Children. R&E Transfer Panama welcome the opportunity to serve our younger travelers when accompanied by a responsible adult.

Travel Times. Unlike private transportation, shared ride travel typically takes longer as customers wait for fellow passengers to load or unload. In addition to being affected by other passengers sharing the ride, travel time is dependent on geography, weather condition, time of day, and traffic conditions.




R&E TRANSFER PANAMA IS NOT LIABLE for acts of God, fire, acts of government or other authorities, wars, civil disturbances, riots, terrorist acts, strikes, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, dangerous incidents at sea, land, and air travel, and OTHER SIMILAR ACTS OR INCIDENTS BEYOND ITS CONTROL.




The traveler represents that neither he or she nor anyone traveling with him or her has any PHYSICAL OR OTHER CONDITION OR DISABILITY that would create a HAZARD TO HIMSELF OR HERSELF OR OTHERS participating on the shuttle service.




This agreement shall be construed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with, and shall be governed by, the laws of the Republic of Panama.



Clients are informed that all vehicles supplied by the carrier are non- smoking.






R&E TRANSFER PANAMA is not responsible for any delays, missed flights , connections and additional costs to the client incurred by acts of war and / or terrorism that may take place both in Panama & throughout the world . During these times, the carrier reserves the right to alter reservation confirmation pick up times as they may deem appropriate.




R&E TRANSFER PANAMA is not responsible for any delays , missed flights , connections and additional costs to the client incurred by strikes , industrial action & demonstrations that may take place both in Panama & throughout the world .

During these times, the carrier reserves the right to alter reservation confirmation pick up times as they may deem appropriate.



Liability for death or personal injuries to passengers is limited to contract conditions with suppliers and insurance coverage subscribed by R&E TRANSFER PANAMA in accordance with the laws of PANAMA  at the time of the accident.

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